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Mel Apis Lip Balm

Mel Apis Lip Balm moisturizes, disinfects, and helps in healing chapped lips.

Apply the balm to the lips on a regular basis

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Beeswax, Honey, Hemp seed oil, Sunflower oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Organic Lavender essential oil

$5.00 Price

Lavender Soap Bar

The Lavender Soap Bar is a natural skin healer known for its relaxing and calming effects. Apart from the comfort of its scent, it will help you cleanse your skin gently by providing anti-bacterial properties. 

How to use: Lather between hands with water, and apply generously to the face, body and hands. Rub against your palms for 20 seconds. Gentle enough to use daily.

$6.00 Price

C3 Customized Wooden...

It was a custom order for a friend who wanted to send a spiritual and unique gift to her boyfriend. We opted to make an incense holder with their initials engraved on the top as a result. We drew their initials, which are two "S"s in the shape of backbones, which is meaningful to their relationship. I carved the frame wood into a rectangle with one circular edge and painted their initials with grey blue degradations. To keep the product's spiritual significance, the shape is simple. We supplied 15 Frankincense sticks in a stitched translucent paper pouch. The gift includes a distinctive tag with greeting, sender's name and unique serial number

Material: Frame solid wood with 15 sticks.

Remark: The top drawing is hand-painted and personalized. As a result, this product can be customized.

$35.00 Price

Qatar Bag Backgammon

A back that can turn to a backgammon and contains the shape of Qatar's flag

The top side is printed on cotton canvas. The back side is leather. at the edge there is a zipper pouch that includes the checkers and dice. 

It can be rolled along with the pouch like a sandwich to be carried on a trip , flight.. etc.

The checkers are made of plexi especially for this table in order to perfectly fit in the zipper pouch. 

$75.00 Price

Casia Rose Petals Soap

A wonderfully floral scented rose soap for use as a body bar, hand soap, or bathroom decorative use. The benefits of roses in beauty products go back a few millenia, queens soaking in their baths with aromatic petals filling the pool is a sight we often see in movies. Rose oil is anti inflammatory, anti-aging, helps reduce eczema and hydrates the skin.

We use actual rose petals to ensure you get a scrubby feeling while the fragrance of roses fills your bathroom and helps you unwind.


– Nourish dry skin

– Treats acne

– Antibacterial

– Anti-inflammatory

– Antioxidants

– Moisturizing

– Naturally fragrant

– Relaxing

– Toning

$8.00 Price


Beige Coton Tablecloth which also contains Machine made embroidery with 5 Napkins

All our embroideries are the work of lebanese unpriviliged women.Our main mission when creating this brand was to empower these women so they can live with dignity from their talent.

Tablecloth is: 1.5 m x 1.5 m

Napkin length: 43cm × 43cm

$500.00 Price

Taratyl li Yarqoss Al alam

"Aging Joyfully", worldwide campaign to support the abandoned elderly in Lebanon through the sale of the CD" Taratyl li Yarqoss Al Alam". All proceeds will go to 5 NGOs helping directly the most needy in their homes or in nursing home free of charge offering everything they need: food, medication, clothing, home supplies, to let them live joyful years in dignity. 

"Joyeux Aînés" ,une campagne internationale destinée au soutien de personnes âgées abandonnees, financée par la vente du CD "Taratyl li Yarqoss Al Alam" dont tous les revenus seront versés a 5 associations travaillant en proximité avec les personnes âgées au Liban a leurs domiciles ou dans des maisons de repos, leur offrant bénévolement des années de vie joyeuses en dignités

$20.00 Price

Parfum de Beyrouth- Unisex

The best Oud perfumes for him & her that are all worthy contenders for a place in your perfume collection.

Size :75 ml

Targeted Group :Unisex

Fragrance Family: Oriental Fragrance

Ingredients: Oud, Musk amber, and Rose

In order to benefit from paying at the price of 250,000 LBP in Lebanon

Kindly select cash upon payment 

$75.00 Price

Take Lebanon Home Box

Take Lebanon home is a valuable gift summarizing the civilization of Lebanon, originating from a Phoenician legend, and retracing both Lebanese history and heritage.

A Phoenician legend about Ringana, Betrothed to Rashev God of Youth and the arts, which takes you to the seven cities of Lebanon, Rich in Mysteries.

Just as during her holy pilgrimage Ringana found treasures fashioned by History, so “LUBNANIYAT” Have chosen for you riches drawn from the Lebanese Heritage

$399.00 Price


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