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Suntan Oil + Ultrascreen...

Suntan Oil:

A 100% natural, nutrient-rich formula abundant in fresh carrot extract, beeswax & precious oils to ensure a safe, deep & long-lasting tan. Locks in moisture, hydrates the skin & enhances its elasticity.

Ultrascreen Cream Invisible SunFilter SPF50:

Protects from sun damage & premature ageing by blocking UV rays. Especially suited for the delicate skin on the face, neck & décolletage. Ideal for wear under makeup due to its invisible, matte finish. 

$21.83 Price

Shower Gel Musk

This organic shower gel has powerful stimulating effects satisfy the senses turning shower routines into joyous times, leaving a splendid fragrance behind. For optimum results, always follow with musk body oil.

$17.00 Price

Volcanic Liquid Soap

This organic and natural liquid soap is packed with skin-loving benefits. It is also highly beneficial for prevention of skin problems and is used for reducing itchiness in body areas due to its mildly abrasive properties.

$23.00 Price

Body Lotion Green Tea

This 100% natural organic product is the perfect solution for the skin leaving it smooth-as-satin with irresistible fresh fragrance. This product is ultra-moisturizing and will astound you with every use. Enjoy its exquisite fragrance while your skin seals in moisture and feels actually soft and fresh. 

$25.00 Price


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