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Down to the Souks

A black and White photography for Beirut Souks. The poster is printed with top quality inks on beautiful Aluminum with matte finish. The result is a stunning print with unrivaled quality.

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Food-Safe Bio-Based...

Ingredients: Hypochlorous Acid HOCl (Slightly acidic electrolyzed salt water), Natural Herbs Oil

Origin: Lebanon 

Values: All natural, chemical-free, food-safe, non-toxic

 How to use BioSterile:

1. Spray on produce or hard surface thoroughly.

2. Wait 2 to 5 mins and then put in the fridge or clean packs with dry cloth.

*Bottle shape might vary from the picture.

In order to benefit from payment in cash in LBP at the rate of 1 USD= 3,900 LBP 

Kindly select cash on delivery option

$5.00 Price

Homemade Large Plate

A homemade plate made of solid stainless steel with based glass tyles.

There are two options for the table:

Option 1: The table comes without a table leg

Option 2: The table comes with a table leg

Length: 100 cm

Diameter: 75 cm

Weight: 30 Kg

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Herbal Natural Soap

Natural soaps are made from Bader Hassoun Eco-village, using various natural sources, which also includes organic ingredients. This Herbal soap is a kind of soap mixed with natural ingredients, olive oil, coconut oil that hydrates your skin. If you're looking for all-natural herbal soap, try making these homemade herbal soaps using.

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