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Box of Pilsner

A medium-dry crisp German pilsner with a floral bouquet and subtle bready and malty aromas sustained by a slight bitterness.               

A white foam tops this golden treat, generously carbonated

8 Bottles are shipped as one product (Box) Bottle is 330 ml

Volume: 5%

$16.00 Price

2 Boxes of Kokowa Box (24)

Homemade energy bites, Gluten Free.

Homemade with love.

They are full with nutrients, made with super food and whole food, high in protein, healthy carbs, fats, and fiber, which helps build lean muscle mass, boost energy and aid weight maintenance. Essentially, they are simply the guilt-free, energy hit and the perfect snack!

A box contains 24 pieces

$70.00 Price

Cidra Sweet Box

Cidra Sweet is a semi-fermented all-natural apple cider that has retained its sweet taste purely from the natural sugars of the apples, without being back-sweetened.

A sparkling crisp golden body with fruity notes of red apples and red berries.

Food Pairing: Creamy Pasta, Blue Cheese and White Fish

Bottle is 23 cm

Alcohol Volume: 4.5%

Box of 25 bottles

$35.00 Price


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