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Zejd premium: Extra Virgin...

Only the best young souri green olives are selected and hand picked in October for cold extraction on the same day.

The resulting oil is peppery with notes of almonds and cut grass and is a typical expression of the region’s Mediterranean climate and ancestral know-how.

$85.00 Price

Classic handcrafted arak...

Our Arak is honest and so was he, Farid was our beloved grand father, we handcraft it in his hometown of Ain Jouaiya, a Lebanese village nestled on the Mediterranean hills of Kesserwan area. This bottle contains our all-time classic Arak Farid, crafted with 54% alcohol & 46% stories.. *bottle: 75cl

Ingredients: Pure Grape alcohol, anise and water

$20.00 Price

Jun Gin

Short for Juniper, JUN, the artisanal Lebanese gin is grown and bottled in the village of Rechmaya. 

JUN tastes like 9 locally used botanicals that have been lovingly hand-picked and combined to create a complex nostalgic character not quite like anything else:

Organic Lebanese juniper excelsa | coriander | ginger | galangal mastic | rosemary | bay leaf | orange | lemon.

Everything contributes to the cheerfulness.

Because JUN is the Cheerful Spirit.

Bottle is 750 ML

ALC/VOL: 40%

$10.00 Price

Darmmess High Phenolic...

International Awards Winner: 2020 Gold Medal at IOOC, Italy 2020 Silver Medal at JOOP, Japan

We are pleased to inform you that 2020 chemical analysis of Darmmess from Lebanon & Itlay are out: Just like last year, they reflect a premium EVOO.

In addition to it, our 2020 phenolic content of 294mg per kg classifies Darmmess officially and globally as a high phenolic EVOO.

The European Union Health Claim Labelling Regulation 432–2012 states that olive oils with polyphenols of 250 mg/kg or more can claim: Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress. ... The higher the concentration of phenolic compounds, the greater the potential health benefit”

$20.00 Price

Limoncello (Pack of 2)

Enjoy two bottles of Limoncello 

Cold Limoncello made of: Lemon peel, Alcohol, Sugar, Water

In order to benefit from payment in cash in LBP at the rate of 1 USD= 3,900 LBP 

Kindly select cash on delivery option.

$24.00 Price

Honey "Miel De Foret"

Raw extracted honey, harvested on my apiary in Ayroun (1200m ).

In order to preserve all the aromas and properties of my honey, I filter it lightly.

You will find traces of propolis or pollen which are also very good allies for your health.

This is a very aromatic, intense and like malt.  Oak honey has a thick texture and has colour dark amber.

Rich in antioxidants and minerals, it contains large quantities of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and sodium.

Choosing honey over refined and processed sugar may lead to long-term health benefits.

Infants 12 months of age and younger should not eat any honey, including raw and regular honey.

In order to benefit from payment in cash in LBP at the rate of 1 USD= 3,900 LBP 

Kindly select cash on delivery option.

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