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Zejd spa: pine infused...

The pine olive oil liquid soap is an all-purpose household cleaner. Whether you use it to clean the floor or stubborn stains or even as a laundry detergent, it is very gentle on the skin and leaves your house shiny with a fresh pine odour.

$9.50 Price

Zejd spa: Olive oil...

This olive oil soap is an all-natural liquid soap with no-added chemicals that can harm your hands or dishes. Pour few drops directly on the surface of the dirty dishes with hot water and clean through.

$17.00 Price

Zejd spa: Laurel olive oil...

The olive oil gives the skin a natural and healthy glow, keeping it hydrated, soft, and nourished, while the Bay leaves ,being known for having cleaning properties, gives strength, freshness, and revitalization of hair roots

Bottle is 250 ml

$5.50 Price


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