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Mtallat Arak

No proper gathering in Lebanon is complete without a
bottle of Arak. Whether it be a family reunion, or a feast
of friends, this is the staple of our country’s culinary and
drinking heritage. It is in that spirit that we present our
Mtallat Authentic Arak, boasting its particular flavor & kick.
Mtallat is a Lebanese artisanal anise flavored beverage,
triple distilled from neutral grapespirit in a process that
dates back to a 120 years out in the Smar Jbeil area,
carrying a soft and exquisite taste.

Bottle is 700 ML

$10.00 Price

Classic handcrafted arak...

Our Arak is honest and so was he, Farid was our beloved grand father, we handcraft it in his hometown of Ain Jouaiya, a Lebanese village nestled on the Mediterranean hills of Kesserwan area. This bottle contains our all-time classic Arak Farid, crafted with 54% alcohol & 46% stories.. *bottle: 75cl

Ingredients: Pure Grape alcohol, anise and water

$20.00 Price

Brew Master's Select: 961...

Pack Size: x6

Style: the unique Lebanese pale ale (based on the english ipa)

Aroma: hops, thyme, sumac, camomile, sage, anise, mint taste: malt, caramel, bitter finish

Body: full carbonation: medium

Color: golden, amber

ABV: 6.3 %

$10.80 Price

Les Trois Maladroits White...

This is a wine whose whiteness doesn’t promise virtue,
but promises a clear invitation to fuck shit up! Not just
a side dish for your meal, this is a traveling companion
along the streets! This is a wine for the rooftop parties
where the people have wings! This is a wine for people
who enjoy themselves!
$4.00 Price

Arak bundle

A bundle of 3: handcrafted classic arak + cinnamon-infused mini gallon + handpainted tote bag. beautifully wrapped to offer as a gift or for a little self indulgence!

Alcohol Level: 54%

$35.00 Price


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