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Jun Gin

Short for Juniper, JUN, the artisanal Lebanese gin is grown and bottled in the village of Rechmaya. 

JUN tastes like 9 locally used botanicals that have been lovingly hand-picked and combined to create a complex nostalgic character not quite like anything else:

Organic Lebanese juniper excelsa | coriander | ginger | galangal mastic | rosemary | bay leaf | orange | lemon.

Everything contributes to the cheerfulness.

Because JUN is the Cheerful Spirit.

Bottle is 750 ML

ALC/VOL: 40%

$10.00 Price

Mtallat Arak

No proper gathering in Lebanon is complete without a
bottle of Arak. Whether it be a family reunion, or a feast
of friends, this is the staple of our country’s culinary and
drinking heritage. It is in that spirit that we present our
Mtallat Authentic Arak, boasting its particular flavor & kick.
Mtallat is a Lebanese artisanal anise flavored beverage,
triple distilled from neutral grapespirit in a process that
dates back to a 120 years out in the Smar Jbeil area,
carrying a soft and exquisite taste.

Bottle is 700 ML

$10.00 Price

Les Trois Maladroits Red Wine


Our Red is made for us. The loud, the happy, the ones unconcerned by public opinion. We lift our glasses with smiles, and drink them whole with joy. We taste the fruity, the fresh, and well rounded, and inhale the aroma of our red fruits! We gulp it all down with a smirk!

Bottle is 750 ML

Alcohol Volume: 13%

$4.00 Price

Classic handcrafted arak...

Our Arak is honest and so was he, Farid was our beloved grand father, we handcraft it in his hometown of Ain Jouaiya, a Lebanese village nestled on the Mediterranean hills of Kesserwan area. This bottle contains our all-time classic Arak Farid, crafted with 54% alcohol & 46% stories.. *bottle: 75cl

Ingredients: Pure Grape alcohol, anise and water

$20.00 Price

Brew Master's Select: 961...

Pack Size: x6

Style: the unique Lebanese pale ale (based on the english ipa)

Aroma: hops, thyme, sumac, camomile, sage, anise, mint taste: malt, caramel, bitter finish

Body: full carbonation: medium

Color: golden, amber

ABV: 6.3 %

$10.80 Price


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