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Cidra Sweet Box

Cidra Sweet is a semi-fermented all-natural apple cider that has retained its sweet taste purely from the natural sugars of the apples, without being back-sweetened.

A sparkling crisp golden body with fruity notes of red apples and red berries.

Food Pairing: Creamy Pasta, Blue Cheese and White Fish

Bottle is 23 cm

Alcohol Volume: 4.5%

Box of 25 bottles

$35.00 Price

Cidra Dry Box

Cidra Dry is a completely fermented all-natural apple cider.

A blend of 4 varieties of apples unified to create a golden body with a smooth texture.

Swirling notes of pomelo with a hint of geranium at the first smell. 

Food Pairing: Red Meats, Seafood, Charcuterie, Fish

Bottle is 23 cm

Alcohol Volume: 6.8%

Box of 25 bottles

$35.00 Price

Cidra 0% Box

Cidra Sparkling 0% Apple Juice is a twist on apple juice with a certain amount of carbonation that brings out the apples’ natural sweetness as well as a fizzy feeling under the tongue. 

An all-natural non-alcoholic sparkling cider blending 3 varieties of Lebanese apples. A light carbonation with a hint of acidity elevating the taste of the apple cider.

A bottle is 23 cm

Alcohol volume: 0%

Box of 25 bottles

$30.00 Price


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