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Pack Size: x6

Style: the unique Lebanese pale ale (based on the english ipa)

Aroma: hops, thyme, sumac, camomile, sage, anise, mint taste: malt, caramel, bitter finish

Body: full carbonation: medium

Color: golden, amber

ABV: 6.3 %

$10.80 Price

Cidra Mixed Box

The cidra mixed box contains all three Cidra beers (Cidra Dry, Cidra Sweet, Cidra 0%)

All are gathered together 

Box of 25 bottles

In order to benefit from payment in cash in LBP at the rate of 1 USD= 3,900 LBP 

Kindly select cash on delivery option.

$34.00 Price

Box of Pilsner

A medium-dry crisp German pilsner with a floral bouquet and subtle bready and malty aromas sustained by a slight bitterness.               

A white foam tops this golden treat, generously carbonated

8 Bottles are shipped as one product (Box) Bottle is 330 ml

Volume: 5%

$16.00 Price

Box of Amber Ale

This Medium-Bodied Ale releases aromas of caramelized malt and nuts. Lifted by a warm spicy and piney bitterness. An off-white collar crowns this amber-colored delight. Gently carbonated.

8 Bottles are shipped as 1 product (A box). Bottle is 330 ml

Volume: 4.5%

$16.00 Price

Box of Wheat Ale

This Medium-bodied weissbier releases aromas of banana that gracefully flow across the palate, balanced by notes of bread and sourness. A lasting white collar tops its golden-colored hue. Generously carbonated. 

8 bottles are shipped as 1 item (1 box). Bottle is 330 ml

Volume: 5%

$16.00 Price

Box of IPA

This Medium-bodied ale releases a bouquet of exotic and tropical fruits, followed by robust notes of bitterness guaranteeing a quenching finish. A white collar illuminates this orange-colored treat. Gently Carbonated.

8 bottles are ordered as 1 item (A box). Bottle is 330 ml

Volume: 5.3%

$16.00 Price


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