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Jun Gin

Short for Juniper, JUN, the artisanal Lebanese gin is grown and bottled in the village of Rechmaya. 

JUN tastes like 9 locally used botanicals that have been lovingly hand-picked and combined to create a complex nostalgic character not quite like anything else:

Organic Lebanese juniper excelsa | coriander | ginger | galangal mastic | rosemary | bay leaf | orange | lemon.

Everything contributes to the cheerfulness.

Because JUN is the Cheerful Spirit.

Bottle is 750 ML

ALC/VOL: 40%

$10.00 Price

Three Brothers Gin

This Bathtub Gin is handcrafted in batches with natural local produce selectively handpicked after years of trial and error to formulate a blend suitable for a classic gin profile. 100% natural with no sugar or artificial additive, this particular gin promises an authentic taste that will bemuse and delight.

Bottle is 500 ml

VOL: 40%

$10.00 Price


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