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Green Diana Top

This blouse is cut from very fluid material on a large round neck, which has been designed with mid long sleeves. Considered as a MyRan basics blouses, it exists in different autumn & winter colors.

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Extra Virgin Oil (250 ml)

J.Grove’s unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is cold-extracted, or ‘first cold-pressed’, within hours of the harvest. It comes in 4 varieties, each marked with a geographical indication: Qattine, Qotrani, Kaitouly and South Field.

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Thyme Essential Oil 5 ml

THYME (origanum syriacum)is a perennial herb. Grows to height of 1 meter. This plant is pollinated by bees and called za' atar by association with its use in an herb- spice mixture.

Benefits and directions for use

Natural treatment to relieve sinus congestion and promote sinus drainage.

Natural antibiotic, you can mix 1 drop with water and drink

Thyme essential oil is one must have product for helping to keep your pace through this cold and flu season.

Thyme essential oil promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Thyme essential oil can improve skin conditions such as psoriasis,acne,eczema,and fungal infection.

You can mix thyme essential oil with food (meat,...)

Collection method: steam distillation

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