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Extra Virgin Oil (250 ml)

J.Grove’s unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is cold-extracted, or ‘first cold-pressed’, within hours of the harvest. It comes in 4 varieties, each marked with a geographical indication: Qattine, Qotrani, Kaitouly and South Field.

$5.63 Price

Forest Honey

Raw Forest Honey made of honeydew and wild flower nectar from the Jezzine region's oak forests. It is unheated, unpasteurized, and bottled at room temperature. No added sugar.

$9.38 Price

Goat Labneh

Made from free-range whole goat milk, our Labneh is dried, rolled, and preserved in our very own olive oil with just a pinch of salt, for a pure, classic sensation.

Bottle is 650 g

$7.50 Price

Traditional Goat Kishk

A tangy mixture of bulgur wheat, fresh goat yogurt, and goat labneh, made the Southern Lebanese way. It is sun-dried, hand-rubbed, then ground into a powder bursting with flavor and texture.

Bag is 500 g

$8.13 Price


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