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Seasons of Lebanon

Lebanon may have many riches, but the greatest of these by far is its natural beauty. The change of the seasons and the drastic differences between the coast, mountain, and valley create a place where it is possible to encounter a new discovery every time one ventures out into the countryside. Nowhere else in the region, apart from Lebanon, are the four seasons so prevalent, providing a natural heritage to be cared for, cherished, and shared with the world.

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Lebanon: Beauty Beyond Belief

Uncover the compelling beauty of Lebanon’s breathtaking natural scenery, cherished local traditions, and vivacious lifestyle through this richly-illustrated coffee table book. A powerful visual and textual album of our alluring Mediterranean nation captured through the lens of renowned photographer Jamal Saidi, this ornate treasure will surely tempt passersby to pause a while and leaf through its dynamic, visually-gripping pages.

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Arab Women Voice New Realities

Arab Women Voice New Realities brings together both seasoned and novice authors from across the Arab world. Complex experiences are made instantly visible as these gifted writers negotiate an ever changing and volatile landscape. Their voices, bold and distinctive, courageously defy strictures, reimagine and redefine what it truly means to be an Arab woman. Stories by Hanan Al-Shaykh, Irada Al-Jubouri, Zena El-Khalil, Inaam Kachachi, Mishka Mojabber Mourani, Adania Shibli and others...

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In the Time of the Mulberry

Set in 19th-century Mount Lebanon, a chance encounter with love presents Maryam with a dilemma which is made even more problematic by an outbreak of violence that forces many to uproot their lives. The world of relative peace and harmony that she once knew is now changed for good, leading her to discover that her only solace lies with two women she meets along the way, Layal and Rose. Each leaves a profound mark on her life, as does working at the local silk factory, something which sparks considerable controversy and leaves her with some unforeseen challenges to confront.

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Beirut to the 'burbs

This hilarious book about surviving life in suburban America after 18 years of living it up in Beirut tells you all you need to know about essential life skills, like: 1. Microwaving (dinner in two minutes or less), 2. Knowing what’s playing on Netflix (every Friday is a holiday), and 3. How to shovel your driveway without chipping a nail (get someone else to do it). It’s clear that you can take the girl out of Beirut, but never Beirut out of the girl, especially when it comes to socializing, dating, shopping, and getting picture-perfect.

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Beirut Knights

Enter the world of Nadia and her friends and live through their stories of love, lust and everything in between. From the surreal to the ridiculous and even amusingly tragic, these lighthearted tales paint a social fresco of Lebanon, dishing out the good, the bad and the ugly. In a marriage-obsessed nation with slim pickings, bizarre dates and wacky experiences, is being single really the worst fate?

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Bet you didn't know this...

Delve into the underbelly of Beirut through its past, its myths, truths (half-truths sometimes twisted or stretched by the Lebanese themselves!). Experience Beirut’s dug up facts and artifacts – from Phoenician to Roman to plain old bizarre and ridiculous – courtesy of Warren’s fun gems that tell of this ‘phoenix city forever rising from its ashes’ and a people that have made this endurance possible.

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Life as a Leb-neh Lover

Turning Point presents its first blook (a blog turned into a book): Life as a Leb-neh Lover. In this lively adaptation from her 12 years of blogging, we are treated to an action-packed story of a young half-Lebanese, half-Polish woman away from “home” (wherever that may be!). She shares with her readers a series of light and breezy, funny and often touching episodes from a young adulthood crammed full of triumphs, mishaps, highs and lows. Poignantly illustrated by Maya Fidawi, this is a hilarious but touching tribute to preserving Kathy’s attachment to Lebanon.

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Breaking not Broken

Are you going through relationship troubles? Does it feel like the spark is no longer there? Are you having more fights and less fun, more arguments and less laughter? Anita Papas introduces her fourth self-help title, Breaking Not Broken, this time tackling relationship troubles. This book will help you understand the dynamics of relationships, whether you are stuck in an on-off relationship, obsessed over your ex, or finding it difficult to move on after a painful break-up or divorce. Learn how to deal with feelings of rejection, the inevitable high and low moods of a break-up and, most importantly, how to use this break-up to your benefit.

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The Positive Us!

The Positive Us! is about our most precious and challenging venture in life: our relationships. It addresses core issues whether with our best friends, significant other, family or work colleagues. It captures the beauty, rewards and promises of our personal relationships, all the while acknowledging our fears, worries and uncertainties. Anita’s previous book, The Positive You!, has helped thousands of people take control of their lives by shaping their attitude, allowing them to view their everyday struggles in a more positive light and to experience the miracle of life to the fullest. Now The Positive Us!

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The Positive You!

The Positive You! is about your relationship with yourself, your individuality, attitude, strengths as well as fears, worries and even disappointments. It reveals how fragile you are as a human being and yet how powerful you can be. With its straightforward approach, rich quotations, real life cases and humor, it makes you realize how strong your mind is. Your attitude dictates whether you see the good or bad in your life, and that you are in control and no one else. It guides without being patronizing, teaches without pushing and makes you aware that life is a miracle that should be enjoyed to the fullest with no regrets.

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Go For It!

Go For It! is about your dreams, passions, goals and purpose in life. It is about taking control of your life, believing in yourself, and pursuing your dreams no matter how many obstacles you may face along the way. It makes you realize that you can actually live the life you wish for. It reminds you that deep within you, you know what you truly want and you have the answers, but all you need is the strength, courage and determination to make your dreams happen! This book will empower you, give a push and make you truly go for it! 

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