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Seasons of Lebanon

Lebanon may have many riches, but the greatest of these by far is its natural beauty. The change of the seasons and the drastic differences between the coast, mountain, and valley create a place where it is possible to encounter a new discovery every time one ventures out into the countryside. Nowhere else in the region, apart from Lebanon, are the four seasons so prevalent, providing a natural heritage to be cared for, cherished, and shared with the world.

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Lebanon: Beauty Beyond Belief

Uncover the compelling beauty of Lebanon’s breathtaking natural scenery, cherished local traditions, and vivacious lifestyle through this richly-illustrated coffee table book. A powerful visual and textual album of our alluring Mediterranean nation captured through the lens of renowned photographer Jamal Saidi, this ornate treasure will surely tempt passersby to pause a while and leaf through its dynamic, visually-gripping pages.

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Bet you didn't know this...

Delve into the underbelly of Beirut through its past, its myths, truths (half-truths sometimes twisted or stretched by the Lebanese themselves!). Experience Beirut’s dug up facts and artifacts – from Phoenician to Roman to plain old bizarre and ridiculous – courtesy of Warren’s fun gems that tell of this ‘phoenix city forever rising from its ashes’ and a people that have made this endurance possible.

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Life as a Leb-neh Lover

Turning Point presents its first blook (a blog turned into a book): Life as a Leb-neh Lover. In this lively adaptation from her 12 years of blogging, we are treated to an action-packed story of a young half-Lebanese, half-Polish woman away from “home” (wherever that may be!). She shares with her readers a series of light and breezy, funny and often touching episodes from a young adulthood crammed full of triumphs, mishaps, highs and lows. Poignantly illustrated by Maya Fidawi, this is a hilarious but touching tribute to preserving Kathy’s attachment to Lebanon.

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Only in Dubai

Dubai’s reputation as a scorching cosmopolis of staggering skyscrapers, mile-long shopping malls, and insanely luxurious living is well-deserved. Fresh off the plane, you can’t help but marvel at it all, the alacritous efficiency, fabulous food, and the well-earned and long-time-coming respect at work. But whether you’re just passing through the emirate, or staying for one year or five, for work or for play, one thing is certain: You are definitely going to run into the legendary expatriate community flooding in from every corner of the planet. Written by award-winning British-Lebanese writer and journalist Sophie Robehmed

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Boho Beirut

Insightful and hip, Boho Beirut: A guide to the Middle East’s Most Sophisticated City is an insider’s guide that captures the culture and glamor of a post war city that is pulsing with creativity.Boho Beirut looks, reads and feels like the new Beirut.” Intriguing interviews and reviews of 16 significant tastemakers of Beirut are included in the guide: Bernard Khoury, Charles Kettaneh, Gordon Campbell, Hussein Hadid, Karen Chekerdjian, Karim Haidar, Nada Debs, Olivier Gasnier Duparc, Olivier Gemayel, Rosie Abou Rous, Sandra Dagher, Sharif Sehnaoui, Sophie Tabet, Tala Hajjar, Yousef Harati, Youssef Tohme.

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Michael Karam's Lebanese Wines

Michael Karam’s Lebanese Wines: An Independent Guide (2nd Edition) is a reference book containing all you need to know about Lebanon’s major wines and wineries, as well as its proud wine heritage. The guide also lists and explains all wine grapes grown in Lebanon, and includes useful tasting terms and a wine glossary. For fans of varietals there is even a list of wines by the grape. When it was published in 2010, Michael Karam’s Lebanese Wines was described by British wine celebrity Tim Atkin (Master of Wine) as “invaluable” for anyone wanting to get an overview of the modern Lebanese wine industry. 

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Wander Beirut

A contemporary guidebook with whimsical collage-style portrayals of Beirut’s main neighborhoods, compelling encounters with captivating locals, and tips on the best venues to eat, drink, shop, and visit.

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