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C3 Customized Wooden...

It was a custom order for a friend who wanted to send a spiritual and unique gift to her boyfriend. We opted to make an incense holder with their initials engraved on the top as a result. We drew their initials, which are two "S"s in the shape of backbones, which is meaningful to their relationship. I carved the frame wood into a rectangle with one circular edge and painted their initials with grey blue degradations. To keep the product's spiritual significance, the shape is simple. We supplied 15 Frankincense sticks in a stitched translucent paper pouch. The gift includes a distinctive tag with greeting, sender's name and unique serial number

Material: Frame solid wood with 15 sticks.

Remark: The top drawing is hand-painted and personalized. As a result, this product can be customized.

$35.00 Price

C3 fried egg wooden recipe...

The Fried Egg Wooden Recipe Book was produced in honor of a friend's birthday who enjoys cooking and delectable recipes. I have always admired the shape of a fried egg; the juxtaposition of white against the bright yellow yolk. Therefore, I painted a cooked egg on the hardwood cover, with the yolk painted with resin to give it a genuine aspect. Every recipe book is handmade and unique and has its own serial number. It contains customized recipe sheets that can be indefinitely refilled in addition to an envelope and a pen holder. Customization is an option; we can engrave a name on the cover and create a special packaging to make it the perfect gift for Mother's Day, birthday or other special occasion.

Material: 3mm plywood and silver rings

Add-ons: 40 recipe sheets (160grs) and envelope

$70.00 Price

C3 Customized Wooden Mobile...

I always forget where I left my phone, especially when I need to charge it, therefore I came up with the idea to create a mobile stand. I decided to build one with the purpose of creating something that is simple to keep, useful, and appealing.

I utilized the laser cutting machine on 3mm plywood and had the option of drawing something on the front, which would make a great customized gift idea. Make it out of two sections so it's easy to store and doesn't take up any space.

After cutting, I use oil painting to paint the message on the front and then polish it.

You may personalize the stand by adding a phrase, logo, or photo, making it a terrific present.

Each item comes with a unique serial number tag and attractive packaging.


3mm Plywood

$25.00 Price


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