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Premium Lebanese Zaatar

Dried thyme mix or Zaatar in Arabic is the most famous type of thyme around the Middle East. 100% Lebanese, natural with no additives, colorants or artificial flavors, Droubna Premium Zaatar is known for its unique greenish-gray color as well as its pungent and exceptional flavor and aroma. It is a mixture of the finest ingredients (thyme, roasted sesame seed, sumac and sea salt) combined with a twist of our own special recipe. It is best enjoyed in sandwiches with a nice drizzle of olive oil, as a dip and even in dressings.

Ingredients: Thyme, ground sumac, roasted sesame seeds, coarse salt

$16.50 Price

Droubna Green Olives

Homegrown and handpicked, our baladi olives are 100% natural, crunchy, tasty, and rich in flavor. Our olives are prepared with minimal processing which gives them a natural, balanced taste and a good firm texture. Olives add an exquisite flavor and texture to your dishes. They can be used in salads, sandwiches, tapenade, pizzas, pasta dishes or simply eaten by themselves.

Ingredients: Green olives, water, coarse salt

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Droubna Pure Lebanese...

Droubna pomegranate molasses is a fragrant dense syrup traditionally made by simply simmering the pomegranate juice. Our product is 100% naturally produced and is widely used in the Mediterranean cuisine. With its astringently-balanced sweet and sour taste as well as its silky texture, Droubna Pomegranate Molasses greatly enhance a wide range of savory dishes by giving them a twist of sweetness. They are used as an ingredient to prepare salad dressings, marinades as a glaze, and drizzle over roasted vegetables. 

Ingredients: Concentrated pomegranate juice

$33.00 Price

Droubna Lebanese...

Naturally caffeine-free, Droubna herbal tea known as Zhourat is a blend of wild flowers, leaves and roots homegrown at an altitude of 550 m.  This aromatic flavorful herb is brought to life by infusing it in freshly boiled water for up to 15 minutes. It is recommended for healing colds, easing digestion, or simply to have it as relaxing infusion.

Ingredients: Flower, marshmallow plant, lemon balm, bird tongue flower, anise seeds, chamomile, flaxseed, cinnamon, bitter almond, lump sugar

$15.50 Price

Dried Fig Jam with walnuts...

Net Weight 310 g

Ingredients: Fig, fig molasses, sugar, roasted sesame seed, walnut, anise seed, lemon juice.

Free from artificial coloring, preservatives and flavors. Our jams are gluten free and suitable for vegans

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