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500ML BioSterile ChildCare...

BioSterile ChildCare ready to use sanitizer, non-toxic and non-harmful to human skin and eyes.

Helps to stop the spread of Bacteria and viruses.

BioSterile ChildCare how to use:

Before sanitizing make sure you have cleaned feeding items

1-      Wash the items you want to sanitize

2-      Daily spray the cleaned items thoroughly with BioSterile

3-      Keep 5 minutes to dry on clean unused dish towel

4-      Once weekly Immerse items in BioSterile for 5 minutes

5- inIngredient: active ingredient “Hypochlorous Acid" in purified distilled water. EPA approved for use against COVID-19 and Norovirus

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Green tea & lemon grass...

Conquer the germs with freshness smell
Sterilizers have become an essential part of everyone’s life. Almost all of the sterilizers
in the market are industrial and chemical and can make many harms to the skin such as
dryness, allergy, and lacerations. After many tests and researches, Khan Al-Saboun
laboratories came up with an effective, harmless, and natural formula suitable for all

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