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Japanese Style

A suit with a japanese style blaser, loose trousers with a pleat in the middle allow you to wear it even with a shirt and remain elegant.

Made of the first Italian crepe fabric. Available in red and black

$180.00 Price

The Venice Kaftan

A Kaftan made out of Indian linen fabric with handmade embroidery that includes a Venice mask on the back &crochet on the front of the Kaftan.

$360.00 Price

Black & White Suit

An elegant and distinctive suit in black and white with a fabric stripe at the waist.

You can wear it in business meetings as well as in formal occasions. Made of soft daisy crepe

$180.00 Price

Skirt Suit

The skirt and jacket are specially designed to give you softness, elegance and comfort. And the white brim gives attention as well as the distinctive buttons.

Made of italian chenille

$120.00 Price


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